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Flickering Recessed Lights Fixed

When the energy saving movement began fluorescent lights were required to be installed in ALL kitchens and bathrooms. If you have a home built during this era you know how frustrating these light fixtures are. Not only were they more expensive but they also provide less light and finding replacement bulbs is a kind of maricle.

thankfully those days are behind us, not the energy savings but the fluorescent fixtures. We now have amazing old technology used in a new way that provides more light, uses less energy and last so long you may never have to replace a bulb again, at least for 20 years or so. Of course I am talking about LED light fixtures.

with new LED light fixtures Elect Electric can help you put the fluorescent nightmares behind you. With one call you can put an end to the frustration of flipping the switch and having to wait while you recessed lights flicker and turn dimly on. Better light and peace of mind is now within reach.

Elect can replace these old frustrating fixtures today
Old Fluorescent Recessed Light

Fluorescent fixtures can be re-wired to accommodate these new, fully sealed, LED fixtures
New LED Replacement Recessed Fixture

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