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LED Disk Lights

Want the look of recessed lighting with less hassle and cost? LED disk lights may be the answer. Look how thin they are:

Many homeowners want the look of recessed lighting in their homes. The cost of recessed lights can be prohibitive due to the effort needed to install the recessed light housing (the part you do not see that is in the attic and holds the part you see from the house called the “trim”). It can also be messy to install recessed lights as drywall needs to be cut. In some cases there may not be enough room to fit the recessed light housing.

New LED disk lights solve many of these issues and give your home nearly the same look as recessed lights. They can be installed in place of existing fixtures.

Elect Electric recently installed disk lighting in a hallway. Take a look below and let us know what you think. New LED disk lights provide better lighting, save energy and cost less to install than recessed lights.

If your interested in any lighting solutions call Elect Electric today to schedule a free service call.

You can can also request service online at our website: We look forward to providing you exceptional service!

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