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Before You Call (BYC)

Updated: May 30, 2019

At Elect Electric we love to hear from our clients and are happy to provide exceptional service. We never mind going out on any service call, no matter how small, to serve our client’s needs. Sometimes things go wrong with your electrical system that are easily remedied with little or no electrical expertise needed. We know it can be frustrating to call out an electrician for a job you could easily have done yourself.

We are going to blog about common electrical issues that you may be able to correct yourself before you call an expert. If you would like this kind of information please subscribe to the Elect Electric blog.

Of course there are some clients that prefer to have all their electrical issues looked at by a professional, that is ok too. If you are someone who just does not feel comfortable with anything having to do with your electrical system go ahead and just call Elect and we will take care of it for you. 1 (805) GET - HELP

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