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Have your outlets, switches or lights stopped working? Elect Electric has an expert ready to help.


Plugs (electrical outlets), switches, dimmers and panels help us control our power and are taken for granted.... until they stop working.  A home or business comes with a complex electrical system that needs regular maintenance and care.  Because electricity works so well and is very dependable we often take it for granted. This can be inconvenient and dangerous when things go wrong. 

Elect Electric has professional state certified electricians that are familiar with residential, and commercial electrical systems. We can help you find the problem quickly using superior technology and training, offer solutions to correct the issue and complete the work to get you up and running again.  

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

A new purchase of an Electric Vehicle (EV) is exciting. No more gas stations! You get to provide your own fuel right at home. As technology improves and more car manufacturers have started to produce lines of EVs we can see that Electric Vehicles are here to stay. Elect Electric has the expertise to help upgrade your home with the EV charging station that is right for your new car. We have installed many charging units for different Electric Vehicles around San Luis Obispo County. Tesla wall connectors, Juice Box wall chargers, Chargepoint Home Flex charger, a NEMA 14-50r outlet, a NEMA 10-50r outlet, 220-240 volt or even 120 volt charging for your car, we can get it correctly wired for you.

If you are in the process of purchasing an electric vehicle or already own one, whether it's a Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Jaguar or any other EV, give us a call today to have your charging unit installed safely.

EV Charging
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans add comfort and style to a room. They also help save on heating and cooling costs by cooling down individuals in the room.  You may want to get one off the self at a Big Box store or purchase a better fan from Casablanca or Minka Air, either way you have to start with choosing a size. Here is a guide that will help you choose the right fan for your room. Click Here
If you would like help selecting a fan we can help with that as well. 

 Ceiling fan installations can include replacing an existing fan,  installing a fan on an existing electrical box or having to completely wire a room with no ceiling fixture or switch at all.

If you are ready to install a ceiling fan and you want it installed safely and up to cade give Elect a call today. In many cases your fan can be installed the same day we come out to give you the upfront price. 

Main Panel Upgrade MPU
Main Panel / Panel Upgrades (MPU)

Panels are a long lasting investment that you want to be sure get done right the first time. Elect Electric is an expert at replacing panels including the main panel,  where the utility company (PG&E), connects electricity to your home. You may do this type of work if your home is older and/or if you need more capacity to add additional electrical loads. This work requires coordination with PG&E and the city or county and we take care of this for you. 


A main service replacement/upgrade includes a new panel, all new breakers, a new riser and service wires(for overhead services), installation and labeling. The job typically requires a site visit, application process with PG&E and a permit from the governing authority. The majority of the work onsite is normally completed in one working day with power being off at the home for about 6-8 hours. Elect Electric has completed hundreds of service replacements and can help you today.


Lighting in your home or office makes the space function the way you want it. In work spaces, like the kitchen, garage or office, you need bright lighting that helps get the work done. In spaces like a living room or a home theater you want control over the lights to be bright when needed and dim to set the proper mood. In bathrooms it is best to have lights located so that they will not cast shadows on your face as you look in the mirror. In dining rooms or living spaces you want special lighting that functions and says something about your personal style. 


Whatever your lighting needs Elect Electric understands that getting the lighting completed the way our clients envision is important. We can handle any lighting installation you may require. From high ceilings to ornate crystal chandeliers. From ceiling fixtures to LED recessed lights we have the experience installing many varieties of fixtures in many types of space. To get started on your lighting project give Elect a call today.