You want to know what things are going to cost, that's understandable. Here's an idea and the best way to find out exactly what your job will cost is a FREE SERVICE CALL. 

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We understand that you need to know how much things are going to cost to complete your electrical work. At Elect Electric we practice UPFRONT PRICING and offer a FREE SERVICE CALL so you know exactly how much the price will be before any work is done. 

What to expect when you call Elect.

When you call Elect Electric from anywhere in San Luis Obispo County you can expect prompt service from start to finish.  Our goal is to schedule your free service call the the first time you reach out to us.  After making the appointment we will come out and look at the work you would like to have completed and give you a price.With your approval the work can be completed on the same visit in most cases, but if not, we will schedule the work before we leave. Then we complete the job on time and on budget and leave your home or business as clean as we found it.  All our work is guaranteed for at least one year. 

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*Below you will find general pricing for some common tasks. Prices can vary higher or lower depending on circumstances and quantity.  All our pricing is normally done by a technician on site at no charge.  There is no risk in having a technician out to your home today, so please give us a call and book an appointment to get a custom price for your installation. 

$15-30 K

  • COMPLETE HOME REWIRE: If you have an older home that has to be completely rewired and you want to do as little damage to the existing building as possible Elect Electric has the expertise and experience to  get the job done right. You can update your classic home with all the modern conveniences and safety features available today.  

  • COMPLETE HOME WIRING: Building a new CUSTOM HOME? Want to work with a contractor that does work to the highest standards, not the lowest price? Elect Electric is right for your team. We have an excellent relationship with the contractors and homeowners we work for.  On the last custom home we completed for an investor they told us, "Everything works! I build homes all the time and the electrical never works right, we always have to do major repairs. Everything you installed just works. That is awesome." It was nice to hear but we don't understand why it is such big news, isn't that how it is supposed to be? 

$4-20 K

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC BACK UP GENERATOR: Home Stand-By generators provide peace of mind and with a fully automatic system your new generator will be online in less than a minute. You can provide power to essentials like the refrigerator, well pump, heating and/or cooling system, internet router, TV and lighting. 

  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC BACKUP GENERATOR: Like a fully automatic back up generator a semi- automatic back up generator will give you peace of mind in case of a power outage. With a semi- automatic generator you still have the ability to provide power to essentials like the refrigerator, well pump, heating and/or cooling system, internet router, TV and lighting. The only difference is that you have to plug in and turn the generator on, then throw the transfer switch yourself. 

Under $3900

  • COMPLETE 100- 200 AMP SERVICE PANEL UPGRADE/REPLACEMENT: Elect Electric is San Luis Obispo County's service upgrade expert. Your main electrical service panel has lasted a long time.  When you replace it you want it done right so it will last another 35-100 years.  This is defiantly not something you want to be thrifty on.  Not only do we do a professional installation that will last but we also make the process hassle free for our clients by coordinating with PG&E and the local authorities for inspections. Call today and never worry about your electrical panel again. 

  • HOME REMODELS: Home remodels vary in size and value but they are notably important to have completed by a professional who knows how to work on an older electrical system and integrate new wiring.  Many times a do-it-all contractor will hook up some wiring in the new part of the home to make it work, and in reality it works poorly or in some cases is unsafe.  Although they may do nice work, in our experience, it is worth the time and effort to hire a professional electrician who is up-to-date on all of the codes and best practices for home remodels.  If you are thinking of a project or even in the middle of one, have us out, and we will give you a price to do the job right. 

  • LARGE SUB PANEL INSTALLATION: If you are installing a new building on your property you may need a large sub panel to provide power. 120-240 volts and 277-480 volts.

Under $2000

  • SMALL SUB PANEL INSTALLATION:  You may be putting in a pool, a spa or a new addition and need a new sub panel installed from your main panel.  Elect Electric can get this job done for you in a fast, efficient and professional manor.  We will make sure the panel is sized for your needs and installed to meet those needs.  120-240 volts and 277-480 volts.

  • KITCHEN LIGHTING UPGRADE: Is your kitchen lighting out of date or just to dim to work under?  Many homes have the light boxes with old fluorescent lights that just do not produce the right amount of light.  Elect Electric can update your kitchen lighting with modern LED recessed lighting (we do other rooms too). The technician that comes out will help you with the lighting layout and make other recommendations you may be interested in. 

  • WHOLE HOUSE SWITCH & OUTLET UPDATE: If you have old dirty switches and outlets and/or if when you plug in something the plug falls back out or is loose, you may want to consider having them replaced with new, modern devices. (device = switch or plug) Not only will this give a great look to your home, it will also update the safety.  When Elect replaces the devices in a home we always update to modern codes.  That means we will install new Tamper Resistant outlets for child safety and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in kitchens, garages, outdoors, and bathrooms. 

  • 100 AMP - 200 AMP, 120 - 240 VOLT PANEL REPLACEMENT: Panels are the main electrical safety feature in your home/business.  They stop the over-current that has the potential to cause a fire. Many panels are in disrepair and may not even work properly.  To find out about your panel schedule a free service call today.   

  • AND MORE....

Under $1000

  • INSTALL 220 VOLT, 50 AMP CIRCUIT FOR A RANGE/OVEN:  If  you are upgrading your gas range/oven to electric you will need a new circuit.  Elect Electric can help get this done for you. (About 50' from panel with open access, indoor wiring.) 

  • OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTING:  If the outside of your home is dark and you would like some motion lights for security and safety Elect can get that done.  We can add a circuit and wire in a few motion lights through your attic to light up the exterior of your home in places you feel they are needed most. 

  • LANDSCAPE LIGHTING SYSTEM: Want to accent the exterior of your home.  Landscape lighting can do the trick.  For a professionally installed, high quality system give Elect a call today. 

  • BATHROOM EXHAUST FAN/LIGHT INSTALLATION: New powerful and quiet bathroom exhaust fans are available.  If your bathroom is steaming up, or if your bathroom fan wakes up your whole house at night let Elect Electric solve that issue.  New fans can be installed off of existing wiring or you can replace an old one. 

  • AND MORE.....

Under $700

  • NEW DEDICATED 20 AMP 120 VOLT BATHROOM CIRCUIT: Are you blowing out the circuit every-time you blow dry your hair?  Do you have to go to another room to use your bathroom grooming tools?  Do you use an extension cord for power in the bathroom?  You don't have to.  Elect can hook you up with a bathroom circuit that works so you can have one less stress when you're getting ready. 

  • 100-200 AMP MAIN GROUNDING SYSTEM: Older homes may not have the required grounding system.  Elect can install a new grounding system to make sure your home is adequately protected.  

  • NEW WIRING, BOX AND INSTALLATION FOR A NEW CEILING FAN : Some rooms have no ceiling fixture at all, but you want a ceiling fan installed to move warm air around and give additional lighting in winter.  No problem.  Elect Electric can have your new wiring and ceiling fan installed in no time. You just supply the fan.

  • WIRE A HOBBY KILN: Need a 30 Amp 240 volt circuit for your new kiln? Elect is one call away from keeping your hobby going in a positive direction. 

  • AND MORE.....

Under $450

  • CABLE LOCATING SERVICES (MINOR):  You know it is there somewhere, but where? If you have underground electrical circuits and need to locate them Elect can help.  Give us a call today.  

  • EXTEND AN EXISTING CIRCUIT:  You may have wiring in one place and a need for it in another. Rather than run a new circuit Elect can extend a circuit you already have.  From San Miguel to Arroyo Grande and beyond, all you have to do is call or email us to get your electrical done right. 

  • INSTALL AND WIRE A NEW LIGHTING OUTLET: If you want to put in a new light fixture and switch in a room where there is no wiring in place Elect can help. 

  • ADD AN EXTERIOR GFCI OUTLET: Plenty of outlets on the inside of the home but so few on the outside!  Elect can take care of that for you in no time. Whether it is to plug in a fountain, refrigerator, BBQ, mower or just a radio we can get you the power you need where you need it. 

  • AND MORE.....

Under $300

  • INSTALL LARGE ASSEMBLED CHANDELIER:  You moved and brought your favorite chandelier with you.  Your new home has the perfect spot.  All you need now is to call Elect Electric today and have it installed. (Higher ceilings and improper support boxes will require additional work)

  • REPLACE EXISTING FIXTURE WITH LED RECESSED LIGHT:  Are your hall lights boring and attracting way to much attention?  Have a new modern LED recessed light fixture installed by Elect Electric. 

  • CEILING FAN INSTALLATION:  You picked out the perfect fan months ago and it is still sitting in the garage.  The box and wiring are in place but still it sits.  Never mind what you're waiting for, call Elect Electric to have it installed this week. 

  • PHONE OR CABLE INSTALLATION:  Do you need new cable wiring, but you do not want the wire to be an eyesore on the exterior of your home? Elect Electric can professionally install phone and/or cable wiring in your home. 

  • AND MORE.....

Under $200

  • DEVICE REPLACEMENT: (Device = outlets and/or switches) All your outlets may be fine, except the one you use everyday.  Or a switch may have stopped working in your new home.  You don't have to wait until you have a long list, you can have Elect out even for the small things.  Every job is important to us, because it is important to you. 

  • DIMMER INSTALLATION : The lights are perfect but you would like to dim them down a bit at night, Elect can install one right away. All you have to do is call.

  • PHOTOCELL REPLACEMENT: Dusk to dawn lighting requires a photocell to operate, and photocells go bad from time to time.  We can help you save money by installing a new one.

  • INSTALL UL LISTED FAN SUPPORT BRACE BOX:  You may want to install a ceiling fan in an existing lighting location, but you discover the lighting box will not support the fan.  Elect can have a new box installed quickly so you can get on with your work. 

  • AND MORE.....

Under $150

  • LEVEL 1 DIAGNOSIS (MINOR): When the power goes out to a circuit in your home, and you are in the dark even after trying all the breakers, call Elect and we will diagnose the issue. (Diagnose is also called troubleshooting) There are three levels of diagnosis at Elect but the most common is the level one. It is for a point-to-point circuit outage and we normally find the issue during it.  More good news, the price of the diagnosis will go toward any repair we do to fix the problem. 

  • LAMP INSTALLATION/REPLACEMENT : Most people call lamp replacement, changing light bulbs. That is what it is.  Most of the time when people need a lamp replaced they combine that with other work we are doing to reduce the cost.  Sometimes a client just does not want to replace their lamps themselves and Eect Electric is there to help. ​

  • AND MORE.....


  • HOME SAFETY EVALUATION: Whether you have lived in your home for many years or you have just moved into a new home you may want to have a better understanding of the safety of your homes electrical system.  The home safety evaluation is just what you need.  Elect sends a qualified electrician to your home to do a visual inspection of all your homes devices. (Devices = Plugs and Switches) The tech will also test some devices and open up your panels and see how the wiring looks there as well.  Finally they will take a look inside your crawl space and attic to see if there are any issue that need attention. (The tech will not enter the crawl space or attic in this inspection, only look, and the attic should be accessible from a 6' ladder) Once the tech has a good idea of how your electrical system is they will let you know and give you a price for any repairs you may need. 


  • SERVICE CALL: Wherever you live in San Luis Obispo County, Atascadero, Paso Robles, Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, and beyond, Elect Electric offers you a free service call.  A free service call includes a scheduled appointment where a qualified electrician will come out to your home, look at the work you want to have completed and give you a price.  Most of the time the work is completed the same day and if it cannot be we will schedule the job before we leave. Give Elect a call today. 

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